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New Filmmakers in NYC

September 30, 2009 Leave a comment

New Filmmakers Series runs throughout the year once a week showcasing the works of independent filmmakers. It is not a festival per say. There are no awards and no ceremonies. But, you will get a chance to show your film at a very cool location (Anthology Film Archives) in NYC.
The organizers are very professional and you can arrange for technical screening prior to your show. They also introduce each filmmaker before their film is played and you get a chance to say few words about the film. They have always answered all my emails and were very clear from the start what to expect during the screening.
When it comes to media or press connections, I don’t believe that New Filmmakers has a great pull.
Even though we had almost full house, photographer on staff and enough buzz going on about the film, there wasn’t a single journalist attending the screening. New Filmmakers have announced the selection of our film about 6 months prior and therefore gave us enough time to promote the screening date. Still, there were no industrial professionals attending.
Also, in our case, we haven’t got a chance to do any Q&As. I have requested to the Q&As right before our screening and was told that it depends on time. When the film finished, the experience wasn’t as exciting as earlier, as there was no closing to the event. The lights simply went ON and since people kept sitting, waiting what happens next I basically stood up and asked all to leave.
New Filmmakers does screen interesting films and I believe their selections are fair. They give a chance to first time artists and it is a great event that lets you screen your film in a real theater for minimal budget.
Submission fee is $30 for features, $25 for shorts and $20 for students.

Final evaluation:
Price: affordable
Perks: 2 free passes to your screening.
Media: none
Professionalism: excellent
Interaction with filmmaker: good

Rating on a scale from 1-10:


Final thought: Would I screen here again? Yes, Absolutely! The theater is beautiful, the location is fantastic and for the ticket price ( $6 ) all your friends get to see your film in a real theater (capacity is about 180).

Please, let me know if reviews of this type are helpful to you.
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Thank you filmmakers. Cheers!